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The RightWay Team has extensive experience in every major area of the development of a tax business. The business needs of a single tax office can be vastly different from the needs of a national tax franchise, and the RightWay Team is ready and equipped to handle each business’ individual needs.

Below are some of the client types that the RightWay Team has had the pleasure of working with and developing solutions for each of their individual needs.

New Tax Business

How do I generate new business? What do I need to do to be in compliance with the IRS? Where do I get this and where do I get that? How do I develop a marketing plan? How do I buy top notch software without paying through the nose for it?

We’ve got the answers!

Single and Multi-Site Tax Business 

You have more than likely seen a 10-15% drop in business in the last 3 years. Why? We can hypothesize all year or we can help you implement proven tax business growth strategies. We would appreciate the opportunity to explore your current strategies, tactics and partner relationships in order to help you develop a winning formula to get that volume back!

Service Bureaus

How do I gain market share and lower the prospective customer’s barrier to entry? What value added services can I offer to create an element of stickiness and lower customer attrition? If these are questions you are having difficulty answering, we may be able to help!

Tax Franchise

Generally speaking you know what you are doing… how can we assist you? By lowering your software implementation costs and provide you a platform that gives you more visibility into office activities and their production. This is important for the obvious reasons of billing and to ensure adherence to company quality assurance guidelines for brand uniformity and protection of brand integrity. Be prepared for a long discussion.

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